Product Concept

The industry norm has been for clients to adapt to existing ERP business software. We aim to put an end to that trend by focusing on our clients instead.




Since founded in 1996, Works Applications has been incorporating the functional requirements of a wide range of industries and business to create standardized and Out of Box functions. Our clients no longer struggle with the implementation and maintenance of complicated customizations.


Free Upgrades

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We provide system upgrades without additional charges, including configurations that are required from changes in compliance, technology, and business trends. Our clients no longer have to worry about the additional costs traditionally associated with ERP software.


Guarantee Maintenance Services

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With our policy of “uninterrupted business”, our supporting team and system are fully prepared and the problem is quickly resolved. Furthermore, users can receive further beneficial information such as case studies of other user companies and newly developed functional capabilities. As a result, users are able to further enhance their operational effectiveness and efficiency.




Case Study of “Customization-Free” for MNCs

In Thailand, for example, our products certainly offer the latest format of monthly governmental/legal documents such as SSO, WHT and PND in time. With timely updating, Users can automatically generate reports in the correct format without additional cost.

Also, the interpretation of vacation laws in Vietnam is flexible, so various rules and operations of leave management are adopted by Vietnamese companies, such as the monthly/yearly leave management period and the number of paid/unpaid leaves. While complying with the law, our products can fit for the diverse operations by simply changing settings.

Our Software

Other Software




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