Tsuneishi (Shanghai) Ship Design Co., Ltd. Selects WAP China as Long-term Partner

- COMPANY HR Series to Enhance Productivity and Retain Excellent Employees -

Works Applications China Co., Ltd. (Headquarters; Shanghai, China; Chairman: Tadashi Ikarugi; hereinafter, WAP China), the Chinese subsidiary of Works Applications Co., Ltd., (hereinafter, WAP), today announced that Tsuneishi (Shanghai) Ship Design Co., Ltd., (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; hereinafter, TSSD), the Chinese subsidiary of Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., is to implement its human resources management system suite, COMPANY HCM & Payroll and COMPANY Attendance Management.

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding—ensuring employee wellbeing and retaining capable workers through fair, impartial personnel evaluation

170609.pngTsuneishi Shipbuilding, founded in 1917 and known the world over for the development and construction of high-quality vessels to meet all manner of global market needs, such as bulk carriers, tankers, car carriers, container carriers, wooden chip carriers….
Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding Inc. was established as a strategic base for the China market, and followed by TSSD, primarily a design center, in 2005. “We’re not just a company, we’re family”—over the century since its establishment, the Tsuneishi group has followed a principle of “ensuring our employees’ wellbeing,” and TSSD is certainly no different. This spirit, supported by fair and impartial personnel assessments and assignments, has long underpinned a working environment for a high level of employee motivation. However, their previous operations were all done manually and required huge man-hour for personnel information management, labor management and payroll processing etc... Along with that, those operations were heavily dependent on specialized individuals. Also, deficiencies in the handling of employee work histories and skill/certification data made it more complicated for TSSD to implement fairly assessments and optimally assignments. This situation led management to search for a system which is able to resolve such issues and supporting a work environment amenable to the retention of capable employees.

Selection of COMPANY to support a work environment conducive to productivity and fair to employees; WAP China as a long-term partner

The following three aspects were the key in TSSD’s decision to implement COMPANY as its new HR system.

1      By implementing COMPANY, TSSD will be able to automate various operations conventionally done by hand before, as it offers functional capacity as a standard package solution to all companies from all industries. Therefore, by eliminating duties that rely on individual efforts and realizing more efficient operations, it is possible to raise the productivity of the entire department.

2      By using COMPANY to uniformly manage employee work histories and skill/certification data, TSSD will be able to assign the right people to the right jobs/positions based on the actual data. Moreover, the fair and impartial assessments/evaluation can be facilitated with accurate information and it leads to maintain a high level of employee motivation.

3      WAP China strives to exceed client expectations with quick, dependable support, not least its Guarantee Maintenance Service*. Addition to that, WAP China can keep promoting optimization of business operations and systems even after the implementation of COMPANY. Thinking highly of such ability and willingness, TSSD chose WAP China as a long-term partner.

WAP China will continue to work as a partner with TSSD, strengthening the bonds of trust between our two organizations by providing a continually high level of service quality.

Guarantee Maintenance Service
"Guarantee Maintenance Service" concept offers additional support and system configurations based on future changes in, for example, tax modification, compliance rules and internal policies with no additional cost. Thus, it leads to long-term cost saving. Also, again at no additional charge, we provide "@SUPPORT", a communication tool for accepting user support 24/7/365. With it, users are able to contact us, and inquiry/information is immediately shared with a team of tens of people—consultants, developers, sales reps—to support users’ operation comprehensively. With our policy of “uninterrupted business,” our supporting system is fully prepared and the problem is quickly resolved through "@SUPPORT", much sooner than the case with telephone or e-mail responses. Furthermore, users can receive further beneficial information such as case studies of other COMPANY users and newly developed functional capabilities, and hence users are able to further enhance their operational effectiveness and efficiency.

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