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Ray_323x500.jpgRay Kurzweil
Inventor, Author, and Futurist

Sculley_323x500.jpgJohn Sculley
Former Apple CEO and High Tech Master Marketer

Thrun_323x500.jpgSebastian Thrun
Google X founder Currently Founder and CEO, Udacity Inc.

Woz_323x500.jpgSteve Wozniak
Cofounder of Apple Computer





Next-generation ERP system - AI WORKS


AI Assistant
Utilizes predictive analytics and big data to suggest future process.

Suggestions based on previous use allow for minimal input.

Innovative Communication
Effortless communication through internal messaging and cooperative work within a shared application.


Speakers  COMPANY Forum 2014 - 2016


COMPANY Forum 2016

The Future of Intelligence

Ray Kurzweil
Inventor, Author, and Futurist

“Singularity will arrive at 2045 as predicted” — states Ray Kurzweil. By 2029, computers will exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to that of humans. In 2030, computers will exceed human intelligence. The technology will make humans even smarter. Kurzweil revealed his outlook for the future of intelligence with examples such as exponential growth in health and medicine and non-biological “second brains”.

After watching AI WORKS’ demonstration, Kurzweil commented, “Company operations and communications and channel of instructions will be more efficient and more intelligent by basically marrying human intelligence with Artificial Intelligence. It is a great step forward. It will change the ERP world.”

Internationally acclaimed inventor, author and futurist, AKA “the restless genius” and “the ultimate thinking machine." Ray Kurzweil is known for his inventions such as flatbed scanners, omni-font optical character recognition software, text-to-speech synthesis for the visually impaired, and synthesizer. Also referred to as “the rightful successor to Thomas Edison” and “one of the 16 revolutionaries who has shaped America," Kurzweil has received many awards and recognitions, including United States' highest honor in technology, the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Kurzweil received a Technical Grammy in 2015 for his technological accomplishments in the music industry. He is the co-founder and dean of the Singularity University and serves as a director of engineering at Google, where he leads a research team of natural language. Kurzweil’s own research on artificial intelligence has been receiving international acclaimation.



COMPANY Forum 2016


John Sculley
Former Apple CEO and High Tech Master Marketer

What is the “moonshot” today? John Sculley states that it is a shift in market power to the customer. People nowadays tend to put far more weight on what users tell them than on what companies share with them.

Within the “moonshot” context, Sculley defines an “adaptive innovator” to be an entrepreneur who succeeds with creatively “destructive” business ventures that are centered around customers. He points out that the opportunity to become innovators is not limited to just a few as long as people possess curiosity, passion, confidence, along with customer-centric approach and thinking around sense of urgency. The same applies to companies. Sculley added that AI WORKS could be one of the tools and enablers to help companies become adaptive corporations.

You can watch the video here.

Formerly president of Pepsi-Cola and Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. During John Sculley’s tenure, he led Pepsi-Cola to the top in the US carbonated beverage market through marketing innovations such as the Pepsi Challenge, which featured blind taste tests of Pepsi against rival cola brands. There is a famous episode of how Sculley was lured away from Pepsi-Cola by Apple cofounder Steve Jobs when Jobs questioned, "Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?" Together with Jobs, Sculley went on to launch the Macintosh computer in 1984, which became an international sensation under their guidance. Following his retirement from Apple, Sculley co-founded an investment consulting firm, Sculley Brothers LLC with his brothers and have been active as a venture capitalist. In 2016, his best seller book from the US, “Moonshot!: Game-Changing Strategies to Build Billion-Dollar Businesses” debuted in Japan to much acclaim.



COMPANY Forum 2015

How will business evolve with artificial intelligence?

Sebastian Thrun 
Google X founder

Currently Founder and CEO, Udacity Inc.

Sebastian Thrun proposes that artificial intelligence is something humans should love. It has the capacity to free people from menial tasks and extend their personal potential. With artificial intelligence, human brains will evolve further, making people many times smarter and enabling them to obtain even more knowledge. AI WORKS is an example of artificial intelligence that will help people become smarter.

Thrun stresses that people should keep learning, accept artificial intelligence with an open mind, and focus on its potential for bringing them to the singularity. He also pointed out that artificial intelligence is leading a creative destruction of existing businesses and now is the time to invest in innovation.


After serving as director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Sebastian Thrun joined Google in 2007 and founded Google X, a corporate research lab that is set to pursue challenges that seem unattainable. During his tenure, Thrun participated in numerous projects; the Google self-driving car project, which recently made news for test runs on public US highways; Google Glass, a wearable computer that takes the form of eyeglasses; Project Loon, a network of balloons designed to connect people in remote areas to the Internet; and Google Contact Lens, a contact lens intended to assist people with diabetes by monitoring their glucose level. Thrun has authored 11 books and more than 370 academic articles. He was elected into the National Academy of Engineering, one of the world’s highest honors for engineers.



COMPANY Forum 2014

Change moment
The “Wizard of Woz” talks about innovations

Steve Wozniak
Cofounder of Apple Computer

What is it that gives birth to innovation? Amid intense international competition, what should a large corporation do to achieve innovation? Steve Wozniak proposes that when it comes to innovation, motivation beats knowledge.

“Everyone is born with a sense of curiosity. To achieve innovation, one has to keep the curiosity flame burning, continuously and tirelessly asking why and find out “what happens when I do this?” Always think on your own feet and ask what you would do in any situation.”

Cofounder of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. has brought the “business personal computer” into the world. Steve Wozniak has nearly solely developed the Apple I (1976) and Apple II (1977).



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