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AI WORKS is not just a system; it helps businesses transform their operations by offering every employee a personal assistant. It is the next generation AI-infused enterprise system suite with the latest machine learning technology. AI WORKS studies and analyzes vast amount of operational log data generated from daily operations and makes intelligent predictions based on the task at hand and user’s position. Experience the next level of business operations with AI WORKS.

Let AI
Do the Work

AI WORKS frees its users from mundane repetitive tasks such as inputting. Based on massive operational log data accumulated daily, AI WORKS draws intelligent connections and predicts the next operation. Filling in invoice slips or creating analysis reports can be done with just click of a button.

Make Smarter
Business Decisions

AI WORKS helps users making business decisions faster and smarter. It becomes more intuitive as it learns more about the kind of information that would help users’ decision making. For example, it can propose new operations based on past budgetary results, talent cost, employment plans, etc. Rather than spending hours or even weeks on gathering data, users can focus on purely making decisions.

A Fully Integrated
Business Solution

AI WORKS offers all the necessary business tools in one place. It is the first enterprise software suite with built-in productivity tools such as spreadsheet, scheduler, chat, and drive. Users will never have to switch between systems to get their job done.


Here are some comments about AI WORKS from leading industry experts who have presented at the leading business forum organized by Works Applications, COMPANY Forum.


High Speed × Artificial Intelligence

1. High Speed

0.1 Second Response Time

AI WORKS takes distributed processing approach to achieve immediate response time of 0.1 second, which is shorter than blink of an eye. By combining powerful tools such as key-value store (KVS) database technology with uniquely developed transaction management system; Barbatos, and server-side rendering framework; Forneus, AI WORKS offers high-speed user experience, freeing users from the stress and inefficiency of wait time after every click.

2. Empower AI

Behind-the-scene tools that support intuitive suggestions

With combination of powerful open-source tools such as Spark and Hadoop2 for data analytics and Elasticsearch as search engine, AI WORKS taps into operational logs, learns, and analyzes the “who”, “when”, “what”, and “how” to provide accurate suggestions to its users.


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