We help our customers to improve their productivity,

and assist them with maximizing their enterprise value.


Improving productivity is essential for both a sustainable society,and our customers' success.

IT has such a great influence on corporate productivity in the recent years that the possibilities are limitless if it can be utilized well.

We provide products and services that maximize the potential of IT,enabling our customers' operational excellence to materialize.

We aim to assist our customers with maximizing their enterprise value by helping them shift more resources to their core business and tasks with higher strategic value.


We endeavor to turn jobs into more creative activities

by changing the concept of "Work".


Although technology has been evolving at a very fast rate, this acceleration in growth has not been reflected in the enterprise systems used in companies.

People working in companies still spend too much time on non-core work such as data input, and cannot focus on core work such as problem discovery and problem solving.

We endeavor to turn the jobs of people into more creative activities by providing user-oriented enterprise systems and services.


We provide critical workers [entrepreneurial workers]

the best workplace to grow and thrive.


We identify entrepreneurial workers as talented individuals with high problem-solving skills.

We have been gathering such individuals in order to provide new solutions and values in an unconventional way to our customers.

We create products and services that contribute to the development of the society by providing an environment where entrepreneurial workers can discover critical issues and focus on their problem-solving jobs.

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